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Claim FAQ’s

If my home becomes uninhabitable due to damage, are my expenses covered?2017-05-23T21:51:35+00:00

If your policy has additional living expenses coverage, Kane County Mutual will cover those expenses up to the coverage limit.

Will I be able to choose who completes my repairs?2017-05-23T21:51:13+00:00

Yes, you will be able to choose the contractor who completes your repairs.

Your claims adjuster can provide you with a list of contractors or you can get an estimate from a contractor of your choice.

Contractor Tip:
Be sure to choose a contractor who is insured and bonded and who gives you a written workmanship guarantee.

What is the difference between Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost?2017-05-23T21:50:22+00:00

Replacement Cost covers the full amount to replace any lost, stolen, or damaged items with new items.

Actual Cash Value only covers the depreciated value of an item at the time it was lost, stolen, or damaged. The depreciated value is determined by the wear and tear on the item and the item’s age.

Will my premium increase if I file a claim?2017-05-23T21:49:57+00:00

That depends on your policy terms, your claims history, how long you have been a Kane County Mutual customer and state regulations.

Do I still have to pay my deductible if the claim was not my fault?2017-05-23T21:49:38+00:00

Even if you are not at fault, you will still need to pay your deductible.

Do I need to file a claim if my claim won’t exceed my deductible?2017-05-23T21:49:20+00:00

You may still want to file a claim even if the damage costs are less than your deductible. Repairs may cost more than you estimate or additional damage may be found later.

What is a deductible?2017-05-23T21:49:03+00:00

A deductible is the amount you must pay out of pocket to cover your loss before Kane County Mutual will pay any loss expenses.

Do I need to file a police report?2017-05-23T21:48:44+00:00

In the event of property theft, vandalism or an accident, we recommended that you file a police report.

Will my claim be covered?2017-05-23T21:48:24+00:00

That depends on what coverages are included in your policy, the cause of damage, and what property was damaged.

Your agent can help you review your policy to determine if your claim will be covered.

How do I file a claim?2017-05-23T21:47:49+00:00

In the event of a loss, please notify your insurance agent as soon as possible.

Please be ready to provide your policy number, the date and the time the loss occurred, the type of loss, and a description of the loss.

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